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SFI is a free platform that offers multiple ways you can earn money, many of which you can utilize without spending a penny of your own!

SFI is a multi-level affiliate marketing business so in order to earn from this aspect, you need to recruit others to do the same as you. If you don’t want to spend any of your own money then you will need to advertise using the multitude of free sites online. If you want help with this you can use the free service that we offer – The One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC).

Another personal favourite includes Mighty101 – an Enviromentaly Friendly, People, Pets & Planet Safe Cleaning Product with it’s own worldwide shipping network! It can Save You Money! It can Earn You Money! It can Simplify Your Lifestyle! And it is available at an Unbelivable Low Cost!

I also have my own Rewardicals E-commerce site that sells Vitamins worldwide, which is now live on the SFI RECA Search Engine.

I love the Localvantia concept as well. Still in it’s infancy the idea of being able to buy your bread, milk, eggs, etc. from where you always have and receive rewards is mind blowing! You can actually buy way more than your daily groceries and I love the potential of this opportunity so much that I’ve actually started listing some of the participating stores on this blog.

Finally and my latest foray into the world that is SFI is Flexxity. This is a stand alone platform that allows you to advertise any service that you can provide to others.

As a Flexpert as we are known, I currently have three advertising services. Each of these include different bonuses attached, which is based around more advertising and go live when an order is placed. Any visitors you receive are considered part of your initial order. Once the initial order has been completed, the bonuses remain active for a further 30 days, thereby, potentially directing more visits to your sites at no additional costs to you.

Service 1: I advertise SFI Gateways on behalf of SFI members.

Main Service KeyCode: 567 – Bonus KeyCode: 456

Service 2: I advertise the product Mighty101 on behalf of SFI members.
Main Service KeyCode: 345 – Bonus KeyCode: 234
Service 3: Coming Soon, once approved by SFI. I advertise the individual services of other Flexperts on behalf of SFI members.
Main Service KeyCode: 789 – Bonus KeyCode: 678
The actual bonuses offered for each of the services are shown below;

Service 1 BONUS: The banners on this blog are all linked to rotator.

The Join my team ads at the bottom of the page are shown randomly and offer further opportunities as they are picture ads.

The KeyWords Secure Future International and SFI are linked to a rotator containing individuals who have purchased my SFI Gateway advertising package.

Service 2 BONUS: Any Mighty101 advertising purchase automatically qualifies you to be added to another rotator (KeyCode 234) that is linked to a 468 x 60 Mighty101 banner (708.jpg) that is already setup on multiple Traffic Sources plus Multiple Banners on this site.

We use the single line text ad “Together We Can Make A World Of Difference” in exactly the same way.

Another way that you may receive visits is from the term Mighty101 on this blog. Many of appearances of Mighty101 is automatically chosen to be a KeyWord and is clickable. Anybody clicking a KeyWord link will be taken to a Mighty101 sales page of a randomly chosen advertising buyer.

Service Bonus 3: Restricted Lifetime Offer – This part of the bonus is only available to individuals who have purchased my Flexxity advertising service who want their own Flexpert service advertised, provided the service is not in direct competition with me. If you can write a 500 – 1000 word article talking about the service you offer with a unique Keyword, not only do you receive your contracted views to your page and your EXTRA 30 day bonus advertising, your Keyword will be linked to your offered service for as long as you continue to make it available to others.

This extra advertising remains in place until you receive all 700 visits to your TripleClicks page that you purchased and contributes towards your initial order. Once the initial order has been completed, the bonuses remain active for a further 30 days, thereby, potentially directing more visits to your sites at no additional costs to you.

There are many other avenues to earn with SFI including but not limited to Ecommergy, Shopping, Auctions and the Rewardicals program that ties everything together.

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