The Mighty101 VIP CLUB is here!


On January 5th, It was announced that a major joint venture with the UK’s Morris Clean, Ltd. and their product Mighty101. Tip: Review the announcement now so you’re fully up to speed on Mighty101.

Today we are pleased to announce the Mighty101 VIP CLUB, a powerful new program designed specifically to help you get to know, market, and make money selling this fantastic, TripleClicks-exclusive product.

Following is the press release from Morris Clean, Ltd:


Our primary aim is to assist all SFI Affiliates with every aspect of marketing Mighty101.

This will include:

a. Unlimited free access to our specialist Support team headed up by James Morris, who is the developer of our amazing Mighty101 multi-purpose cleaner. No one knows more about what Mighty101 can be used for or “How-to-Use-Mighty101” to best effect than James.

b. Detailed product training and face-to-face demonstration of the product (via Zoom).

c. Monthly prizes in the form of FREE sachets for highest sales, best “before and after” photo, best idea for new, innovative use for Mighty101 …… and possibly other random prizes as well.


1. Purchase at least one BEST BUY PACK of MIGHTY101 in March 2021 to automatically be granted free Membership of our VIP CLUB;

NB* Maintain your free Membership by purchasing at least one additional BEST BUY PACK within 90 days from the date of your last qualifying purchase;

Whilst you are a Qualified Member, you will receive an ADDITIONAL 5 FREE SACHETS with each BEST BUY PACK you purchase, thus keeping your cost per sachet down to just an incredible $0.85. Honestly, what else can you buy for $0.85 that can do for you what Mighty101 can do for you or your customers?

2. VIP KEY BONUS: For every sachet you give away as a sample that leads to a proven sale for any sized pack of Mighty101, Morris Clean UK Ltd will REPLACE THAT SACHET FREE of CHARGE with your next order of a BEST BUY PACK.

So, to be clear, if you are a qualified MIGHTY101 VIP CLUB Member, when you order a BEST BUY PACK, you will receive the regular offer of 25 + 5 free sachets, PLUS your EXTRA 5 free sachets, PLUS unlimited free replacement sachets for any of yours that you have given away that have resulted in confirmed new sales*.

*NB To claim your FREE replacement sachets, order your next BEST BUY PACK and then you must email us with your Order Confirmation AND your customer/s names once you know they have placed their order.

3. Qualified MIGHTY101 VIP CLUB Members will have access to their own unique personalized A4 Marketing Leaflet via our QR Code Generator on the Mighty101 website VIP CLUB page: This means that when giving away sample sachets, VIP Members will have the ability to hand out a professional, printed leaflet containing “How-to-Mix / How-to-Use” Instructions and “How-to-Clean” tips on one side, along with a list of Benefits on the other side, plus a QR Code which takes their prospects directly to their personalized TripleClicks link to order a Mighty101 STANDARD PACK^.
^ If you would prefer your link to take your prospects directly to a BEST BUY PACK then you send that link to James via the WhatsApp Icon on our website.


–> Morris Clean UK Ltd will be setting up a SUPPORT FORUM to assist members with all aspects of Sales and Marketing of Mighty101. This will either be as a “Private Forum” page associated with their TC ECA page, or on the Mighty101 website – – or perhaps in both locations.

–> For those who wish to actively market Mighty101 on Social Media or other ways, we are considering the creation of a service that will offer “Splash” (Landing) pages as an additional service product on our ECA page, which would be available to any SFI Affiliate, but it would be free to current VIP CLUB Members.

–> We will be creating detailed Training E-Manuals which will include such things as Sales Training, how to effectively demonstrate the benefits of Mighty101, what tools to use for which tasks, the psychology of selling (Mighty101 in particular).

–> Starting in April 2021 there will be a monthly online Zoom Q&A Webinar hosted by James Morris where VIP CLUB members will be able to “ask & learn” directly from the developer of Mighty101.

–> We are also working on ideas for LOYALTY AWARDS & REWARDS. These could be in the form of free sachets, or maybe Badges, Caps, Lapel Pins or T-Shirts and we are also considering “graduations” of membership for those who become major supporters and sellers of Mighty101, possibly along similar lines to SFI Badges by creating Bronze, Silver or Gold additions for those who meet achievable (though yet to be definitely decided) goals.

–> Plus more benefits in the months ahead.

Order your MIGHTY101 BEST BUY PACK and grab your FREE VIP CLUB Membership and all the powerful benefits included NOW!

Includes: $4.49 CV, 336 SVP, and 10 RT

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