Visit Your First Traffic Source and place your advertising

Your first source is LeadsLeap and as well as offering advertising has some great free tools plus 4 ways you can earn with its platform that people don’t fully utilize to it’s full potential.

The ‘Daily Active Bonus’ (Click 10 Ads daily to Qualify)

Converting credits into cash daily

PPC from the ads widget (Paid Per Click)

Referral monthly recurring commissions (Main Focus)

I am going to show you how to create a huge monthly income and build your list using $0 to get started!

Just follow the instructions to get set up and watch your LeadsLeap earnings grow.

You can cash out your earnings using either:

Paypal or Transferwise

Now let’s get started…

Step 1: Join LeadsLeap HERE if you haven’t already done so. Just by opting-in to this list you are now a One A Day Traffic Co-op subscriber, which, if you follow the instructions in the daily email you will receive, automatically builds downlines in multiple Traffic Sources so you can either advertise this system or any opportunity you choose

Step 2: Go to SendSteed List Manager, click My Lists and setup a list just for this system.

Step 3: Go to Landing Page Builder, click My Landing Pages and seup the first of 2 landing pages you will need for this system. You do this by clicking the Add New Campaign button followed by the Launch Editor button.

This first landing page should offer this free system and incorporate the list you setup in Step 2. (You can copy mine or just use it for ideas – https://lllpg.com/gjlp3f1h)

Step 4: Create the second of your landing pages, which should be a copy and paste version of this page.

Step 5: Go to Tracker, click Ad Bars and set this up to promote any second opportunity of your choice. In my welcome email to my list I also mention this second opportunity.as a P.S.

Step 6: Go to PopupXpert, click My Opt-in Forms and create a popup on exit again using the list you created in step 2.

Step 6: Putting it all together. Go back to the page you setup in Step 3.

Step 7: Send traffic to the Tracking Link of your Landing Page that you setup in Step3.

Step 8: Upgrade Your LeadsLeap Account

Now before you go “I THOUGHT THIS WAS FREEEE!” Let me stop you… LeadsLeap is FREEEE… You can wait until you have earned $27 in your LeadsLeap balance FIRST if you want because LeadsLeap does allows you to use your commissions to upgrade your account as well! However it will take longer to get to $27 as a free member.

If you are serious about making money then you need to invest in yourself… It’s best you upgrade your account before you start sending traffic to your page. If not, you will only be earning 25% recurring commissions up until you upgrade when you could be earning 50%.

It is 100% up to you though. But keep in mind you don’t have to upgrade to earn commissions AT ALL, EVER in LeadsLeap. You could stay free forever and this would still work for you. You just won’t earn as much from your referrals when they upgrade, and you will be kicking yourself. Trust me, I KNOW.

The goal is to earn $10-$100 a day.

LeadsLeap is only $27 a month. However you are going to want to make sure you ARE upgraded because upgraded members earn MORE monthly.

Being upgraded also has other benefits aside from earning higher commissions such as unlimited hands free traffic to your websites which is what most people use the platform for to begin with (including me), free referrals, the ability to set up email follow up messages for anything you chose and much more.

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