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BONUS: Team Work Makes The Dream Work especially if you are an SFI Affiliate!

Although conceived with the idea of building my own SFI business by making it a condition of joining, not only can the One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC) actually assist you with advertising any business, but as a bi-product it also ensures everyone who is included is also a member of Secure Future International (SFI) as well, even if they are already existing members.

If you subscribe to OADTC, you will be sent a Traffic Source Rotator Link to see if you want to join, every member of which is already an SFI Affiliate. Even if you are already a member, you just need to reply to these daily emails with your Traffic Source ID.

Even the CryptoCoin and Paid To Click links I use are supported on this site with rotators that only contain SFI members!

If you aren’t already a member you can also join from the link you are sent. As soon as time permits you will be added to the rotator.

With over 200 Traffic Sources now listed, you could soon be building downlines in them all in the months ahead on auto-pilot!

The banners showing below are just some of the traffic sources we use. Each banner is linked via a rotator of previously joined subscribers who have signed up free for the OADTC.

Leave your details below, verify your email and follow the instructions you receive to be included in the One A Day Traffic Co-op (OADTC) for FREE!

Everyday you will receive a suggested Traffic Source from an existing OADTC subscriber. If you send your affiliate ID for this source, it will be added to the relevant rotator as and when time permits. If you are already a member you do not need to signup again as we except existing ID’s.

NOTE: You will also need to be an SFI affiliate for your URL’s to be added. Existing affiliates accepted.

Look out for emails that have [OADTC] in the subject line.

If you are already a member of any suggested traffic source or if you decide to become one, just reply to the email you were sent and include your full affiliate link.

As soon as time permits your affiliate link will be added to the relevant rotator, which may assist you in building your own downlines and providing you with any upgrade commissions that you may earn directly from the traffic sources.

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Hungry For Hits banner
Hungry For Hits banner
Hungry For Hits banner

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