Now EVERYONE can get a LaunchPack!


You asked for it, and we listened!

Effective immediately, EVERYONE can get one of our awesome LaunchPack “getting started” bundles, which include:

>> 1500 SVP!
>> A 30-day ECommergy subscription!
>> 40 mighty TCredits!
>> 15 business-boosting CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) for your team!
>> Free participation in 10 Astro Auctions!
>> 50 Rewardicals!
>> The “Launched!” badge for your SFI badge mantel!

The best price will continue to be available only for those who act fast. If you order your LaunchPack within 30 days of joining SFI, the price is just $19.98 (a savings of 61% off the regular $52.00 price!). Click here to order.

For those who’ve missed the 30-day deadline, you can still get a LaunchPack at the great price of just $22.98 (a savings of 56%!)—so long as you order within your first 60 days of joining SFI. Click here to order.

Finally, we’re making available a “Whenever” version. For those who’ve missed the 30- and 60-day deadlines, you can still get a LaunchPack for just $29.98 (still an excellent bargain at 42% off the regular price)….whenever you want! Click here to order.

Important Note #1: There is still a limit of ONE LaunchPack maximum per affiliate. So if you’ve previously ordered or received a LaunchPack, you cannot order one now.

Important Note #2: LaunchPack comes with 1500 EA-qualifying Sales VersaPoints. If you’ve already qualified for January and don’t need the VP, you may wish to wait until February 1st to order. OR order NOW and push yourself to a (or higher) Team Leader status for January and all the benefits that comes with it (including a FREE Flexxity Service Provider subscription)

TIP: Order using one of our accepted cryptocurrencies (i.e. Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.) as your payment method and receive free bonus TCredits!

ANOTHER TIP: Don’t forget that you can also gift your team members a LaunchPack to help motivate new PSAs or reward up-and-comers.

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