New Flexxity Development


The lineup of Daily VP tabs at the SFI Affiliate Center has changed with the addition of a new tab – FLX (Flexxity). You’ll find the FLX tab between the TC and RT tabs.

That’s means you’ll have 17 tabs you can turn green each day to earn VersaPoints and an extra entry in the Daily Grand! Turning the tab green uses a very different method from other tabs and is detailed below. This difference is what has prompted me to add this post.

The new Flexxity tab supports a push to build a vibrant and robust “members buying from each other” culture at SFI. Coming together as a community is very powerful! When you decide to work with your community members and peers, you move from being an individual to being part of a community where everyone helps each other.

Every affiliate to visit the Flexxity tab every day to discover the newest Flexperts and, ideally, become customers of your fellow affiliates. What a fantastic win/win for all! Earn all the SVP you need each month buying services you need from your peers…and make extra money when they buy from YOU!

And there’s something else that’s special about this new tab…

Visiting the FLX tab daily earns you 1 SVP a day, but only if you meet any of the criteria below.

Yes, the new FLX tab gives you the opportunity to earn not an AVP (Action VersaPoint) like the other tabs, but a SVP (Sales VersaPoint) every day of every month! That’s up to 365 additional SVP for you each year!

There are THREE ways you can earn this daily SVP from the FLX tab:

1. Refer an approved Flexxity SP (Service Provider).
Note: The referral must have occurred in the last 30 days. Note that your existing PRMs and PSAs (persons who are personally referred by you) who become SPs must have made also made a sale for you to qualify.

2. Use the services of a current Flexxity SP.
Note: You must have used and paid for the service in the last 30 days.

3. Be an active Flexxity SP.
Note: You must be a currently approved SP and have generated a completed sale in the last 30 days.

If you aren’t currently meeting one of the above three qualifications, today’s a great time to get started!

I have personally applied to become a Flexpert and am waiting to see if I am approved. Hopefully, I’ll make lots of sales in order to qualify my own position, get my daily SVP and earn some extra money as well. I found the application process very simple and provided I am approved I’ll provide a link here, so you can send me some of your lovely money! LOL

Hope you enjoy the new Flexxity tab!

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