Localvantia is our powerful and unique program that lets you enjoy exclusive benefits, savings, and great rewards (including free VersaPoints, TCredits, Bitcoin, and more!) simply by shopping at your favorite local merchants. Yes, Localvantia means, for example, that you can earn unlimited FREE VersaPoints while simply going about your day–buying groceries, dining at local restaurants, fueling up your car, and so on, and with no additional cost to your budget!

And, as an SFI Affiliate, you can begin using Localvantia immediately! Simply visit the RT tab on your SFI homepage where participating merchants are automatically listed for you…then start shopping!

Here’s how Localvantia works:

Localvantia is fueled by Rewardical digital rewards tokens. Let’s say you regularly visit a Localvantia restaurant in your area. With each visit, you collect Rewardical Tokens which are automatically added to your account balance (learn how you receive Rewardicals from merchants here). Then, whenever you want, just go to the Rewardical Exchange and redeem them for VersaPoints (or TCredits, Silver Bullion, Bitcoin, or whatever goodies you want)!

The Localvantia Merchant Referral program
Localvantia is a terrific program for earning rank-qualifying VersaPoints, etc. But, as an SFI affiliate, there’s a MUCH bigger opportunity as well. That is, referring merchants. For each merchant you refer, you can set yourself up to automatically earn 1 Rewardical for every 10 Rewardicals they dish out to their customers. Imagine referring a few dozen of your favorite local businesses. Not only will you be able to earn unlimited Rewardicals for yourself shopping at your favorite stores, but you can also earn thousands of additional Rewardicals each month when those merchants award Rewardicals to their other customers!

Referring merchants is simple and easy. Just:
1. Visit your favorite merchant(s).
2. Take a good picture of their storefront.
3. Go to https://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/lv_prereg and fill out the short pre-registration form for the merchant and upload the photo you took.
4. When you’re ready, follow up (get instructions here). Special Note: You must be an Executive Affiliate to be an Account Manager for pre-registered merchants. Learn more here.

Pre-registering merchants in your area will ensure YOU are credited for that merchant. That means when your referred merchant officially signs up with Localvantia and begins awarding Rewardicals to customers, YOU can be listed as the person who referred them and earn all the associated rewards.

Our pre-registration system also helps your area merchants get started quickly and easily. So, when you follow up with your pre-registered merchant, they can simply go to Localvantia.com and find 80% of theirbusiness listing pre-populated and ready to go. A few quick clicks later, and they can be off and running, live in the Localvantia.com search engine, attracting new customers…and earning you Referral Tokens!

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