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This blog is about Secure Future International (SFI) blog and how to advertise it on the web, using our FREE One A Day Traffic Co-op if required.

SFI is my long term, core business opportunity. Nobody should fail with SFI provided they don’t give up, but it is Not A Get Rich Quick System. However, nobody wants to get rich slowly do they?

To this end we have opened a ‘Join My Team’ sponsorship window. You can buy a whole years worth of random impressions, which show at the bottom of every post of the Join My Team banner linked to your ‘Join My Team’ Gateway, complete with your picture for $14.95 per year payable using CryptoCoins.

Alternatively, you can get this as a FREE Bonus for a year if you purchase either my SFI Gateway Split Test Advertising ($35) or my MIGHTY101 Landing Page ($18.50) available as a Flexxity service.

SFI Gateway Split Test

Landing Page

In order for you to monitor the results and decide if you wish to buy another year, any clickthroughs you receive will show in your SFI Hit Tracker with the keycode 456.

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