Selling physical products will always be a part of what we do (like the fantastic new Mighty101 cleaning product we introduced). But, of course, selling physical products requires shipping…and when you’re an organization like SFI with a presence in over 200 countries, well, let’s just say that, for many products, the combination of shipping, delivery times, Customs, etc. are very complex and very challenging to do in a way that fully satisfies buyers.

So several months ago we began building a new platform that would focus on SERVICES. We realized that, with services, “our affiliates could become the product.” And with tens of thousands of new affiliates joining SFI every week, we are sitting on an opportunity to build one of the largest and most diverse service networks in the world!

Imagine being able to earn all the SVP you need each month by simply hiring your fellow SFI affiliates to inexpensively mow your lawn, groom your dog, do house cleaning, design your business cards, help you run an advertising campaign, and literally thousands of other services.

But that’s only one side of it. The other side is, by becoming a service provider (SP) yourself in the Flexxity network, you’ll be able to potentially add a whole new income stream! That is, you can be earning some great extra income by simply listing one or more skills that you (or someone in your family) already have! And, yes, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure as many of your peers in SFI as possible become your customers (and visa versa)! More on this in a moment.

We also think Flexxity is very timely because of how the world changed in 2020. That is, we are in a new era now due to the COVID19 pandemic. Millions of people worldwide now stress about the stability of their jobs (assuming they still have one). So having a “side hustle,” as it’s called, becomes very prudent to “stay afloat.” Through Flexxity, we will be providing millions with a platform to monetize skills they have (or can develop), while committing as little or as much time to it as desired.

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