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We will advertise the Faucets/PTC’s below for you for free and teach you how to create unlimited budgets without the need for referrals, provided you are an active SFI member, regardless of your sponsor.

We are the only FREE FAUCET/PTC Downline Builder platform that sends traffic to your signup URL’s to assist with your referral building. Just fill in the complete form below and hit submit.
Imagine the Faucet/Paid To Click (PTC) industry is just ONE huge Money Pool that isn’t going away anytime soon with hundreds, if not thousands of gateways that allow you to get a tiny little piece of it. (Incentivised advertising will always be around, people need others to view their websites and are willing to pay for it.)

Everytime you click a link within any of the multitude of PTC platforms available YOU EARN. When you introduce others to a particular PTC gateway and they click to earn their tiny share from the Money Pool, YOU EARN.

These might not be the most exciting way to earn online, but they are STABLE, they are SIMPLE, they work WORLDWIDE and cost you nothing but a little of your time everyday. This type of earnings may seem like it is a lot of effort for very little reward, but provided you are consistant they do eventually build into a worthwhile sum.

The other sites listed are the best we have found for ease of use, prompt payments, etc

LEADSLEAP (This is also the very first site that we list within the OADTC


NOTE: Although we strive to present you with only the best, it is possible that some will fail. We continually test for reliability to be included in this list and new sites are added to replace any that failregularly. Should we replace any we will notify you.

Next up is Secure Future International (SFI). Unlike the other PTC’s on this page, as one of the many ways you can earn with SFI, they offer a paid to play (PTP) games opportunity. These free games pay with Rewardicals, which you can collect and redeem for cash, BitCoin, Gift Certificate for personal use and more.

Everything we do is to assist individuals with building their own retirement income, be it advertising or generating income. Everything we do could be used to develop any other opportunity, but we support SFI 100% and is one of the core programs we recommend as part our Retirement Plan. Unlike all of the other ‘Join HERE’ links on the page, this is my affiliate link. I use the 75% opti-build tool and add team members who show in my paylines once they have achieved a minimum of 300VP in a calendar month.

If you are already an SFI member, you still need to still add your existing link, as we use it as a condition of this list.

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