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Scroll down to see how to earn free money and more. MORE INFO SOON – A WORK IN PROGRESS

A big problem with new people to Secure Future International is their mindset. They often don’t have any money or if they have they don’t want to spend it and think clicking links or playing free games all day is working.

If they bother to hang around long enough to suggest SFI do something in order for them to earn money from non-income generating activities, they are generally told that they need to sell or buy stuff in order to get paid. For those that have made it this far that is usually enough to send them away as well.

This article has been written to suggest a way that it is possible to build a solid business without spending a penny of your own money, but it will take time.

Although there are multiple ways to earn for free online to offset costs incurred elsewhere, without selling, I’ll start with a way that nearly everybody on SFI says can’t be done.

Basically you need to auto purchase Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA’s) direct from SFI using free Rewardicals. (1 PSA costs 688 Rewardicals)

You can earn Rewardicals in many ways – the Daily Crown drawing awards over 35,000 Rewardicals to 285 lucky winners each day. Entering T-Time which is an hourly drawing in which 35 members are awarded two free TCredits each as often as you can everyday. If you win bidding on two Astro Auctions with just 1 TCredit each will guarantee you more free Rewardicals

Many Eager Zebra games allow you to earn free Rewardicals. From what I’ve read the game HIDDEN is probably the best, but there are other games as well.

To find out more and learn about other ways to earn for free online, all of which are already SFI members, hit submit and verify your email.

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